Jason Lezak at the Maccabiah


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Oh my Gosh... ich bin ja sooo aufgeregt...

MUSA is proud to confirm that Lezak will represent the USA at the 18th Maccabiah Games in Israel, July 12-23, 2009, foregoing the World Championships as a member of USA Swimming, at great personal expense, to support the Maccabiah Games.

"I now have the opportunity to go to the Maccabiah Games in Israel, fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine. This is a decision I made which is as much about giving back to the Jewish community and exploring my heritage as it is about the performance on the world stage" said Lezak. "I'll be representing my country and my heritage as a Jewish athlete and I'm very proud of that."

As a member of Team USA, Lezak will appear at MUSA fundraising events, promote awareness of the organization's mission, organize grassroots community projects that promote a healthy and active lifestyle and much more. Ron Carner, General Chairman of the USA Maccabiah Team said, "Jason Lezak's swimming accomplishments embody exactly what the Maccabiah Games are all about. His acts of fortitude, strength and perseverance are shining examples of what MUSA aims to project. His displays of courage will be an inspiration to the other 950 USA Maccabiah Team members. We are proud and honored to have him as a member of the Team.

"Jason is a great Olympian," Carner continued. "His passion for this cause is something, we as an organization want him to promote. After following Lezak's entire swimming career from his first JCC Maccabi Games to his incredible come-from-behind relay victory in the Beijing Olympics, we are honored to team up with him to help promote and provide support for programs that encourage children to pursue an active lifestyle."

Lane 9 News Archive: Jason Lezak Partners With Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel

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Und ich werd ihn schwimmen sehen... :wohoo:wohoo:wohoo :usa


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So.. melde mich zurueck von 2 Tagen Maccabiah... loads of Speedos und Jason Lezak!!!

War super genial... und ich freu mich schon darauf... in 4 Jahren wieder zu gehen... :) :wohoo


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Ok.. hier ein paar Foddos..

1. Jason Lezak

2. Yay... Aussie Team

3. Jason Lezak.... looking gooood... :kicher
haste dir wenigstens seine nummer geholt, wenn du schon so nah dran warst...:schmacht


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Hmmm...ich kann die Euphorie fuer Schwimmer Jungens irgendwie nicht teilen.

Schoen, dass es dir gefallen hat Gali.