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The EB-1 green card is meant to be a fast track to residency status for “aliens of extraordinary ability” who are on the top of their fields. It has been issued to Nobel Prize winners and nuclear scientists as well as athletes and actors. It’s one of the few visas that does not require the applicant to have an American employer or sponsor. [...] This path to permanent residency has never been easy, but it has become much more difficult since Trump took office. According to USCIS data, approval rates for EB-1 extraordinary ability green cards have dropped from 82 percent in the 2016 fiscal year to 56 percent in 2019. Immigration attorneys say the Trump administration is interpreting the rules for genius green cards more narrowly than previous administrations, rejecting highly qualified applicants including researchers, athletes, and journalists.
--> Melania Trump got an "Einstein visa." Why was it so hard for this Nobel Prize winner?